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KR Virtual Lunch

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KRportal organises a regular virtual lunch in to meet up with collegues in an informal environment. The general idea is to avoid the strict schedules of conferences and to have open space and time to discuss anything. There is no specific agenda for these meetings, but if you like to bring a poster (as a PDF), please send this to Matthias Thimm and we will add a poster stand for that.

The dates for these meeting are published on this website. You can also register for the KR virtual lunch below. Then you will get notified on upcoming meetings.

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Dates and coordinates


Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2021-12-09 ESWC'22

Abstract submission deadline (Abstract) 2022-01-07 IJCAI'22

Abstract submission deadline (Abstract) 2022-01-14 ICLP'22

Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2022-01-14 IJCAI'22

Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2022-01-21 ICLP'22

Abstract submission deadline (Abstract) 2022-02-02 KR'22

Event date (Event) 2022-02-03 ICAART'22

Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2022-02-09 KR'22

Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2022-02-11 IJCAR'22

Abstract submission deadline (Abstract) 2022-02-21 SAT'22

Event date (Event) 2022-02-22 AAAI'22

Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2022-02-28 SAT'22

Event date (Event) 2022-05-09 AAMAS'22

Event date (Event) 2022-05-29 ESWC'22

Event date (Event) 2022-07-23 IJCAI'22

Event date (Event) 2022-07-31 KR'22

Event date (Event) 2022-07-31 ICLP'22

Event date (Event) 2022-08-02 SAT'22

Event date (Event) 2022-08-07 IJCAR'22