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This page lists pages on the web relevant for KR researchers and grouped by categories. You can suggest new resources to be added by filling out the corresponding form.

Societies/General resources

  • KR Inc: Non-profit Scientific Foundation for fostering research and communication on knowledge representation and reasoning
  • AAAI: (American) Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence
  • COMMA: Computational Models of Argument
  • WR-GI: Working group KR of the German computer science association
  • SAT Association: Research association dedicated to the Satisfiability Problem
  • SatLive!: Resource reposity on SAT


Benchmark problems

  • SATlib: SAT Benchmark problem
  • CSPlib: Constraint Satisfaction Problems
  • TPTP: The TPTP Problem Library for Automated Theorem Proving


  • Potassco: The Potsdam Answer Set Solving Collection
  • Glucose: The Glucose SAT Solver
  • Lingeling: The SAT solvers Lingeling, Plingeling and Treengeling
  • PicoSAT: The SAT solver PicoSAT
  • SAT4j: The SAT solver SAT4j
  • Tweety: A comprehensive collection of Java libraries for logical aspects of artificial intelligence and knowledge representation
  • BContractor: Belief Base Contraction library


  • AIJ: Artificial Intelligence Journal
  • A&C: Argument & Computation
  • IJAR: International Journal of Approximate Reasoning
  • IJSCAI: International Journal on Soft Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Applications
  • JLC: Journal of Logic and Computation
  • KER: The Knowledge Engineering Review
  • JAL: Journal of Applied Logic
  • KIS: Knowledge and Information Systems


Abstract submission deadline (Abstract) 2023-06-09 NMR'23

Abstract submission deadline (Abstract) 2023-06-09 DL'23

Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2023-06-16 NMR'23

Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2023-06-16 DL'23

Abstract submission deadline (Abstract) 2023-06-26 ILP'23

Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2023-06-30 MISDOOM symposium

Event date (Event) 2023-07-01 CADE'23

Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2023-07-03 ILP'23

Event date (Event) 2023-07-04 SAT'23

Event date (Event) 2023-07-09 ICLP'23

Abstract submission deadline (Abstract) 2023-08-08 AAAI'24

Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2023-08-15 AAAI'24

Event date (Event) 2023-08-19 IJCAI'23

Event date (Event) 2023-08-30 Progic 2023

Event date (Event) 2023-09-02 NMR'23

Event date (Event) 2023-09-02 DL'23

Event date (Event) 2023-09-02 KoDis

Event date (Event) 2023-09-02 KR'23

Event date (Event) 2023-09-14 EUMAS'23

Event date (Event) 2023-09-19 ECSQARU'23

Event date (Event) 2023-09-20 JELIA'23

Event date (Event) 2023-10-01 ECAI'23

Abstract submission deadline (Abstract) 2023-10-27 RATIO'24

Event date (Event) 2023-11-06 ISWC'23

Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2023-11-10 RATIO'24

Event date (Event) 2023-11-13 ILP'23

Event date (Event) 2023-11-21 MISDOOM symposium

Event date (Event) 2024-02-20 AAAI'24

Event date (Event) 2024-06-05 RATIO'24

Event date (Event) 2024-09-18 COMMA'24