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KRportal maintains a quarterly newsletter that informs on upcoming events, recent developments, interesting new papers, and other new and interesting news relevant for researchers in the field of KR.

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Abstract submission deadline (Abstract) 2023-04-15 Progic 2023

Abstract submission deadline (Abstract) 2023-05-02 ECAI'23

Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2023-05-08 ECAI'23

Abstract submission deadline (Abstract) 2023-05-12 ECSQARU

Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2023-05-20 ECSQARU

Abstract submission deadline (Abstract) 2023-05-22 JELIA'23

Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2023-05-25 JELIA'23

Event date (Event) 2023-05-28 ESWC'23

Event date (Event) 2023-05-29 AAMAS'23

Abstract submission deadline (Abstract) 2023-05-31 KoDis

Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2023-05-31 KoDis

Abstract submission deadline (Abstract) 2023-06-02 NMR'23

Abstract submission deadline (Abstract) 2023-06-02 DL'23

Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2023-06-09 NMR'23

Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2023-06-09 DL'23

Event date (Event) 2023-07-01 CADE'23

Event date (Event) 2023-07-04 SAT'23

Event date (Event) 2023-07-09 ICLP'23

Event date (Event) 2023-08-19 IJCAI'23

Event date (Event) 2023-08-30 Progic 2023

Event date (Event) 2023-09-02 NMR'23

Event date (Event) 2023-09-02 DL'23

Event date (Event) 2023-09-02 KoDis

Event date (Event) 2023-09-02 KR'23

Event date (Event) 2023-09-19 ECSQARU

Event date (Event) 2023-09-20 JELIA'23

Event date (Event) 2023-10-01 ECAI'23

Event date (Event) 2023-11-06 ISWC'23