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This website is maintained by the working group on Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (WG12.1) of the Technical Committee on Artificial Intelligence of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP).

Chair of WG12.1:

Matthias Thimm
Institute for Web Science and Technologies,
University of Koblenz-Landau,


Event date (Event) 2017-10-21 ISWC'17

Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2017-10-30 ICAART'18

Abstract submission deadline (Abstract) 2017-11-10 AAMAS'18

Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2017-11-14 AAMAS'18

Abstract submission deadline (Abstract) 2017-11-24 FoIKS'18

Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2017-12-01 FoIKS'18

Event date (Event) 2018-01-16 ICAART'18

Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2018-01-31 IJCAI/ECAI'18

Event date (Event) 2018-02-04 AAAI'18

Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2018-04-01 SUM'18

Abstract submission deadline (Abstract) 2018-05-13 KR'18

Event date (Event) 2018-05-14 FoIKS'18

Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2018-05-20 KR'18

Event date (Event) 2018-06-03 ESWC'18

Event date (Event) 2018-07-06 FLoC'18

Event date (Event) 2018-07-10 AAMAS'18

Event date (Event) 2018-07-13 IJCAI/ECAI'18

Event date (Event) 2018-07-14 ICLP'18

Event date (Event) 2018-09-02 ILP'18

Event date (Event) 2018-10-03 SUM'18

Event date (Event) 2018-10-30 KR'18