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The aim of this website, the IFIP working group on Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (WG12.1), and the GI Special Interest Group Knowledge Representation and Reasoning is to provide a community for researchers in knowledge representation and reasoning. It nurtures both the theoretical and practical advancement of approaches to knowledge representation and reasoning and provides a general forum for the exchange of scientific results.

The scope of the groups' activities includes (but is not restricted to) the following:

  • Abductive and inductive reasoning
  • Non-monotonic reasoning
  • Reasoning under inconsistency and incompleteness
  • Reasoning about actions and change
  • Automated reasoning
  • Reasoning about knowledge and belief, epistemic and doxastic logics
  • Logic programming
  • Argumentation
  • Description logics
  • Uncertain reasoning, using e.g. probabilistic, possibilistic, fuzzy, or other representations of uncertainty
  • Belief change and merging
  • Implementations and applications of approaches to knowledge representation


Abstract submission deadline (Abstract) 2019-04-27 ICLP'19

Abstract submission deadline (Abstract) 2019-05-03 ECSQARU'19

Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2019-05-03 TAFA'19

Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2019-05-04 ICLP'19

Event date (Event) 2019-05-08 JELIA'19

Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2019-05-10 ECSQARU'19

Abstract submission deadline (Abstract) 2019-05-13 LORI

Event date (Event) 2019-05-13 AAMAS'19

Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2019-05-20 LORI

Abstract submission deadline (Abstract) 2019-05-25 ILP'19

Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2019-06-01 ILP'19

Event date (Event) 2019-06-02 ESWC'19

Event date (Event) 2019-06-03 IULP

Event date (Event) 2019-06-04 LPNMR'19

Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2019-06-15 SUM'19

Event date (Event) 2019-06-18 DL'19

Event date (Event) 2019-07-07 SAT'19

Event date (Event) 2019-08-10 TAFA'19

Event date (Event) 2019-08-10 IJCAI'19

Event date (Event) 2019-08-25 CADE'19

Event date (Event) 2019-09-03 ILP'19

Abstract submission deadline (Abstract) 2019-09-11 FOIKS'20

Event date (Event) 2019-09-18 ECSQARU'19

Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2019-09-18 FOIKS'20

Event date (Event) 2019-09-21 ICLP'19

Event date (Event) 2019-10-18 LORI

Event date (Event) 2019-10-26 ISWC'19

Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2019-11-15 ECAI'20

Event date (Event) 2019-12-16 SUM'19

Event date (Event) 2020-02-17 FOIKS'20

Event date (Event) 2020-06-08 ECAI'20