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KRportal is a community effort for providing a useful resource repository for researchers active within the field of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KR). This website is maintained by the working group on Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (WG12.1) of the Technical Committee on Artificial Intelligence of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP).

KRportal maintains a quarterly newsletter that informs update upcoming events, recent developments, interesting new papers, and other new and interesting news relevant for researchers in the field of KR.

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Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2023-10-09 AAMAS'24

Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2023-10-13 CMNA'23

Abstract submission deadline (Abstract) 2023-10-27 RATIO'24

Event date (Event) 2023-11-06 ISWC'23

Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2023-11-10 RATIO'24

Event date (Event) 2023-11-13 ILP'23

Event date (Event) 2023-11-21 MISDOOM'23

Abstract submission deadline (Abstract) 2023-11-30 ESWC'24

Event date (Event) 2023-12-01 CMNA'23

Paper submission deadline (Paper) 2023-12-07 ESWC'24

Event date (Event) 2024-02-20 AAAI'24

Event date (Event) 2024-05-06 AAMAS'24

Event date (Event) 2024-05-26 ESWC'24

Event date (Event) 2024-06-05 RATIO'24

Event date (Event) 2024-07-01 IJCAR'24

Event date (Event) 2024-09-18 COMMA'24